Website Copy Rewrite for North Blinds

This was an existing website for an established company.

One of the directors asked me to review all the existing copy and make recommendations to boost engagement.

I worked directly for the company who implemented my new copy themselves.


I met Richard through the BNI networking group we are both members of. I’d wanted to update my website for some time and spoke to Richard about him helping. We had a meeting where Richard grilled me in detail about my customers. He wanted to know everything about the different types of customer I have, their problems and how North Blinds help to solve those problems. Richard took all the information away and created four customer personas. He then created a new home page which spoke directly to them. His style was playful but with a serious message, which I felt gave our website a personality. Since then he has used those personas to create blogs and social media posts for me to use in my regular marketing. If your copy is feeling ill, you definitely need to make an appointment at The Copy Surgery!

Lucas Kandzior – Director, North Blinds