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Professional copywriter specialising in B2B copy and content for small businesses and solopreneurs.


“Sale Must End Monday!!!!” shouted the flyer stuffed through my door this morning.

I immediately threw it in the recycling without even reading what the sale was about.

Why did I do that? I knew they were a reputable, local, company who I’d bought from before. I should have been interested in what they had on sale. They sell mid-high end products at £500+ so it’s not like they’re a high-volume, low-cost retailer.

I thought about it a bit and realised it was because I felt they’d just lied to me (or been disingenuous). The sale doesn’t have to end on Monday. They’ve just chosen to end it then. By creating a time-pressure that didn’t really exist, it lost them a bit of respect in my eyes.

Basically, they hadn’t thought about their customer personas, and matched their promotion. If they’d thought about the fact that their ideal customer may have just spent the past few months at home and my have some cash saved, then angled the campaign accordingly, they may see a better response.

In the grand scheme of things it’s a tiny point, but it did reinforce the importance of thinking about your customer and how they will respond to your marketing.

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