Content Marketing

Effective copy makes a link with the reader. It speaks directly to their wants or needs and influences them to take an action.

The best content answers your audience’s questions and helps them with their lives.

Wherever you want to take the reader, great copy will help them get there.


Business Blogs

Blogs allow you to help your audience. They aren’t a long-winded advert for your business.

Nobody cares how long you’ve been going and the award you’ve won. They care about themselves. So, help your audience to solve their problems by educating them and sharing your expertise.

Show that you’re a subject matter expert with high-quality, bespoke blogs.

Social Media Posts

You know that phrase “Know, Like, Trust”? It’s the journey you have to take your audience on to get them to buy from you.

Let your audience get to know you, then they’ll start to like you then, eventually trust you.

Then they’ll buy from you.

Keep your audience engaged with regular content on your social media channels.


Content Management

Blogs and social media posts are great, as long as you have the time to post them and monitor the engagement.

I can post blogs directly to your website and manage one or all of your social media channels for you.

I’ll create and post your content while you get on with running your business. I’ll even respond to anyone who engages with the content.

Are you Engaging with your Audience?

From The Blog

How to Write

How to Write

Think about what you want to say, then write it out as if you were talking to a friend. Don’t try and edit it or correct it as you type because you’ll lose the flow. Instead, get everything down that you want to say, then go back and start editing.

How to write for SEO

How to write for SEO

Writing for SEO The thing about writing for SEO is that when you’re writing for SEO, then the focus tends to be on getting the keywords on writing for SEO. When you’re writing for SEO, the more times you use the keywords writing for SEO, the more likely Google is...

3 Reasons why you should be writing a company blog

3 Reasons why you should be writing a company blog

  “What’s the point of a blog?” You may ask. Historically (and by that, I only mean about 25 years ago), blogs started as a sort of online journal. They were personal thoughts or diaries of activities. Fast-forward to the present day, and you find loads of...