I’m Richard, a Freelance Copywriter in Lancashire

I’m a Professional Copywriter based in the Ribble Valley, Lancashire who loves writing content for small businesses and solopreneurs.

I write words. Not just any words like ‘plethora’ or ‘marmalade’. That would be weird.

No, I write words like ‘your’ and ‘problem’ and ‘solution’, obviously with other words between them.

Those words eventually form potent sales copy, which influences someone to take action.

That action might be to click a link, download a lead magnet, follow on social media or buy a product.

The key to great copywriting is to get inside the head of the reader. I love working out what makes the reader tick. I want to know what their problems or aspirations are first.

Then I can determine how your product or service gives them what they need

Before becoming a full-time copywriter, I worked in manufacturing operations management for fifteen years then engineering recruitment for another eight.

As such, I have insider knowledge of engineering and recruitment, but copywriting is a transferrable skill so I’m comfortable writing for any B2B company.



My Philosophy


Keep it Easy to Read

While your audience might understand complex, technical language, they’ll thank you for simplifying your message so they can grasp it immediately.


Put the Reader at the Centre

It’s not all about you. It’s about the reader. They don’t care how long you’ve been around or which awards you’ve won. They care about their problems and how you’re going to help solve them.


Make it Entertaining

Nobody is sharing your social post about how proud you are of your team. But, they will share that relatable meme that made them laugh. That’s how social media works.

Your Content is Your Voice

Content allows you to talk directly to your audience.

Creating high-quality content that helps your audience along the Know-Like-Trust journey, gives you a continual pipeline of potential customers.

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